What Does Chuckit Do?

Taking My Chuckit To Work

They aren’t “our” toys — they’re just our recommendations. At any rate, I wouldn’t worry about it — your dog will still see the toys just fine. On the other hand, I’ve purchased a number of KONG products over the years, spanning several different dogs. I really appreciate the durability of the products, and my dogs have always loved them. I actually bought a KONG Pacifier for my current pooch the day I brought her home, and she still enjoys it three years later. Real Skinz Plush Toy with Squeaker — Hyper Pet offers a variety of natural-looking animal-themed chew toys, each containing a squeaker for added stimulation.

Chuck It Dog Toy: In Case You Rent Or Own?

A Lickimat is a great mat for puppies, small and medium dogs. They are ideal for keeping your dog entertained, stimulated, and often help with anxiety in dogs when you’re not there. Mix Cold Pressed with a little bit of warm water and spread the chuck it ball paste across the Lickimat surface, this is a great way to sooth and calm your dog without overfeeding. Old-school ball flingers, where would we be without them?! brand of manual tennis ball thrower is by far the most popular and highly rated.

Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew — This bone-shaped chew toy features raised bristles to help keep your pup’s teeth clean. If you are looking for a good chew toy for your pet, you’ll definitely want to give Nylabone products a look.

A fun example is Trixie Pet Toys which are intended as treat-seeking strategy games. You place treats inside the toy, and your dog must figure out what he needs to press for the treat to be revealed. Trixie has a variety of these games available in varying difficulties.

After watching our dogs frantically change direction mid-run to keep up with the ball, I believe it would be straining on senior pooches. When it came to random bouncing, no ball compared to the Crazy Bounce by SodaPup. With its six protruding nubs, it’s a lot lumpier than your traditional tennis ball. On one side of the ball is a small tab, but I cut this off with scissors before play. Depending on how the ball lands, it can bounce in a completely different direction.

If you bounce it indoors, it will hit the ground with a loud clunk and is heavy enough to break a window or other fragile items in your home. Therefore, I only recommend this ball for outdoor use. If you are looking for a fuzz-free tennis-sized ball to play fetch with, this is your best bet. This ball is slightly heavier than a tennis ball, allowing it to travel a longer distance when thrown. And being rubber-surfaced instead of green-fuzz, it certainly bounces higher.

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For evening activities, the rubber ‘paws’ on each corner will glow in the dark, making it harder to lose and will keep your dog focused on the game. The material is soft enough to be comfortable to grip and chew, but tough enough to stand up to rougher play. Either get your dog excited about a rowdy game of tug o’ war or use the rope to get some real distance with a game of fetch. At 48”+, it’s the perfect toy for large and giant breed dogs, but your dog will have fun dragging this no matter what his size.

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